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huh..I never know what to write in these things so i'll try and describe myself as best i can...I guess i'm a sarcastic, passive aggresive, morose, strangely chirpy, ascetic, masochistic, contradicting, liberal, agnostic (mostly atheist siding), self-loathing twenty year old. I love music-all kinds. Comedy, Art and Music are probably my biggest interests..eugh i seem like a dickhead. Oh name's Jordan.



Professional sculptor Stefanie Rocknak beat out 265 other artists from 42 states and 13 countries to create a sculpture honoring author and poet Edgar Allan Poe that will be displayed in Boston, Poe’s birthplace. A five-member artist selection committee decided on Rocknak’s stunning work that shows Poe with a suitcase in hand and a raven in front of him.

No wonder she won, holy butts, look at that majestic creature.

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